What is APEHRA?

APEHRA is an organization whose purpose is to bring together public human resource professionals to provide for the exchange among members of general information, ideas and techniques as they are developed to enhance knowledge, improve skills, elevate standards and promote excellence in the human resources profession. Through its affiliation with IPMA-HR, APEHRA offers unique insights into the human resource administration for Arkansas municipalities, towns, utilities, state agencies and other public organizations.


Who should become a member?

Anyone working in human resources, personnel, payroll, management or supervision for a municipality, town, utility, state agency or other public organization. Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned professional, APEHRA is an excellent resource.

When does APEHRA meet?

Quarterly on the third Friday of the month at 11:30 a.m. Each quarterly meeting is held at a hosting city. Hosting cities are selected on a volunteer basis and generally rotate around the state. APEHRA also hosts an annual conference each fall at locations throughout the state.


What does APEHRA do?

  • Discuss current problems and trends, and provide a medium for mutual self-improvement.
  • Obtain and circulate the latest and most current information regarding human resources administration.
  • Encourage active cooperation and exchange of information among members and provide guidance to persons new to the profession.
  • Host, sponsor and conduct conferences, seminars, meetings and workshops to foster professional development and the advancement of the human resource profession.
  • Analyze, review and provide input on legislative matters dealing with human resource administration for public entities.
  • Foster communication, cooperation and support among members and related agencies to promote sound public policies and bargaining practices.
  • Provide a voice for public sector management and human resource professionals in the development of state and national policies affecting human resources and employee/labor relations.